Watch The Change In Social Media Trends Over A Decade

In 1996, the major cornerstone of the social media was led. The most exciting and sensational social networking channels evolved with time. The social media hit the great strides with the launch of Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Friendster. Although around a decade ago some have anticipated the social trend as a passing fad while some proclaimed it as a new wave for the businesses.

But from beginning to the present times, in the race of acquiring a piece of a social pie, a lot of platforms have sprung up and died quickly because they are unable to get the optimum user base.

For instance, the Facebook rule the social realm with active 1590 million users and WhatsApp has garnered 7% of the market share in the shortest time.

Meanwhile, the social platform has created an important place and deeply ingrained into people’s lives, and now, it’s constantly scoring high on gaining huge user traction.

But, there are only a few apps that have earned maximum attention and they continuously doing so from the time they have launched.

There is a question. Why just a few platforms are progressing and rest have attained a stable state? Is the social media market has matured? Here is the answer.

The emergence and decaying of the number of social apps over the years inhibit the user to try the hands on new apps. Also, there is an uncertainty of when the downloaded app stops working, which makes the users count on just those apps that are on the top.

A few stats to share:

– 8 in 10 internet users globally visit/use social networks on their mobile devices.

– Around 1 in every 3 minutes spent online is devoted to social networking and messaging.

– 56 percent of the online adults use more than one of the five social platforms- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

The impressive facts make the businesses collectively tap the social power and advanced technology for social media marketing activities to grow the business by leaps and bounds.

Let’s see where the businesses are heading towards in the social world:

– The rise of mobile era

The unprecedented growth of the mobile computing has entirely changed the way people access the social platforms and communicate. It comes to no surprise that with improved mobile usage, the increase in the social media users has also observed.

Instagram has received 20 billion images from the time the mobile app is developed.

The businesses are also tapping into the environment to enhance the brand awareness, the services they offer and allure the mobile social users that are interested in their services on-the-go.

– The real-time interactions

Getting the information about what has had happened in the world through the newspaper has become a thing of the past. Now, people believe in receiving the information at the moment it happens. The SMM is playing a vital role to disseminate the info.

The social media users find it easy to share the video on mobile that makes any news go viral in a matter of seconds. Businesses are monetizing at high leveraging the power of live streaming and video features that the leading social apps offering.

– AR and VR- the emerging technologies

The social platforms have understood that integration of the emerging technology is the way to keep exciting and enthralling the existing users and catch more eyeballs.

The deal that Facebook sealed in 2014 with Oculus VR Company and the implementation of Augmented reality by the Yelp are the great examples of it.

Both the technologies are really turning out to be a blockbuster in the social space with the creation of immersive audio-visual experience.

– Placing a bid over wearable technology

To let the users interact and experience the social media in a completely new form, the social channels are taking a step further towards hands-free technology with the emergence of wearable technology. The advent of new interfaces like- Smart glass, Smartwatch, Smart TV and a lot more to come in the future will stay at the top of the social trends.

Wrapping it up

The present of the social channels is quite exciting and it appears as if after embracing cutting-edge technology, all the sci-fis will turn into reality. But, the timeline cannot be set as the experimentation with the technology may bring positive results or get failed.

The growth stats of the businesses that are making the utmost use of the social for the social media marketing by hiring SMO services are exemplary. Also, the radical growth and the revolutionization of the social platforms in the next few years are guaranteed.

What’s your take? Are you ready to transition the business marketing from traditional platforms to the dynamic social platforms? If so, you will be getting the traction of 7 out of the 10 users. So, get set and go!