Tips to Avoid Mistakes on Social Networking Sites

Social media can benefit us personally as well as professional by following the right approach. However, in case of inappropriate usage, the social media can adversely affect one’s name, company name, etc. and bring disgrace in the eyes of society and community.

Tips to avoid the following 5 mistakes on social media sites:

1. Appearance of private message in public:

While posting a message or an update, it is essential to check the privacy settings. In case of making a quick update, people tend to make the mistake of not changing the settings to the private audience. As a result, the message becomes public and also goes to the wrong audience. Hence, people should take utmost care while replying private message to the concerned person. It is advisable to use “@” sign in order to refer to the concerned person.

2. Critics always exist:

The more a person becomes popular, the more number of haters start emerging as well. There are people who unnecessary reply and bully on your tags, updates, posts, etc… It is advisable to block, delete or stop responding to such people on social media sites. Such people try their best to spoil the image personally as well as professionally.

3. Keep personal as well as professional profiles separate:

People often make a mistake by promoting their business via personal account. This gives an inappropriate message to the receiver. A separate professional profile would give a proper message and image of the person as well as company to the target base. People tend to get confused with the social networking sites. For example: People use LinkedIn; the professional network for making friends or friendly updates while Facebook which is a social network of friends is often confused by making job related posts. This evokes a funny situation amongst the readers. Hence it is essential to use these mediums clearly and intelligently.

4. Create two sided communication:

An update will only make sense if and only if the targeted people respond back. An update should evoke to respond back. This opens doors to further communication and feedback.

5. Regular posting:

There are companies that post updates once in a blue moon and disappear for years. The page appears to be a ghost town in such a case. In order to keep the people engaged in your page, it is very essential to regularly make relevant updates or posts.

Thus, people should avoid these mistakes while using social media sites.