Video Production – Using Video on Social Media

Video production is a very effective marketing tool in the modern business environment. The contemporary business landscape presents a unique combination of opportunities and challenges and it is important for companies to reposition their strategies to reflect the changing times. Social media has become the next frontier in modern marketing and it is important to tweak your marketing to target these users.

Video Production for Social Media

According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), there are over 3.62 billion internet users and most of these are using social platforms. Facebook today boasts 1.71 billion monthly active users (MAUs), Twitter has 328 MAUs (monthly active users) and Instagram has reported over 500 million subscribers while WhatsApp has over 1 billion monthly customers. Of course, there are other popular social media networks including YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest among others and they boast billions of users.

Most of the content on these networks is visual and this should be your focus if you are targeting this audience. 82% of Twitter users watch visual content and share the same rapidly. 45% of internet users spend time on Facebook and YouTube watching visuals. These numbers give a strong argument for including a well prepared film in your marketing campaign.

A professional corporate video production will boost visibility for your brand when it is shared, increase conversion, build brand loyalty, enhance ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) and increase engagement with customers.

Whatever the size of your business, you need to use a professional video production company for the best results. These experts help to fill the gap existing in your company in terms of skills and resources in film making.

Boosting Your Video Production on Social Media

The question then becomes how your company can gain better visibility using this innovative technique. Of course, the competition is most likely using visual content marketing and as such, you need to be more creative with your corporate video production to stay ahead. Here are some ideas:

  1. Cross promote on different platforms to build excitement and use teasers before the actual launch.
  2. Engage your followers and let them know about what’s coming up. Ask for ideas from them and incorporate these in your project.
  3. Encourage sharing of content and offer freebies as incentives.
  4. Use auto-play on your website or blog to encourage users to continue watching.
  5. Add playful subtitles.
  6. Use a call to action (CTA) encouraging viewers to like, watch, comment or rate your film.
  7. Use influencers to talk about your campaign such as bloggers, traditional media outlets etc.
  8. Use opt-in mail to share links to your content with existing customers.
  9. List on main search engines.
  10. Make sure you appeal to emotions in your story because this is what people love sharing online.

There is no denying that visual content will help you unlock the potential to be found online. By using this tool on social networks, you will reach a larger target market and increase visibility of your brand. This is a marketing strategy that boasts high levels of ROI, which is what every business owner wants. Find an experienced video production company that understands your brand, goals and video needs so you can make a meaningful presence on social media platforms.

How Social Media Can Be Used Effectively in a Business

The prime concern of any business house or a new venture is to promote or propagate their business amongst the masses so that more and more people are aware of it. It becomes all the more important to do the promotion in a manner which is unique and different, so that people get attracted to it and do not miss out on making the purchase. Initially, all the promotions were done with the help of advertisements which were played regularly on the radio and television. Now with the advent of social media like email, Twitter, blog,whatsapp and Instagram, it has become very quick and convenient to promote any new business, on either electronic, paper and social media. There are various ways in which social media is used effectively. These can be listed as-

  1. Social media involves the usage of internet. Through this internet service, any business house can float their product details. These details can be searched by all the people using the internet service and those who have an excess to these sites. Immediately people read the content and revert back by giving their comments. The business house can come to know the reaction or the buzz, their product has created. This helps them to modify the details also if there are not many positive responses. This happens quickly by the help of social media as the reaction is instantaneous. There will not be any requirement of filling long feed-back forms or mentioning the comments.Every thing is just fast on the social media.
  2. To promote the business, many companies come up with different discounts and sale offers from time to time. The most common way adopted for this is usually putting different pamphlets in the newspapers or magazines. Now, with the help of social media, these advertisements can be put up on many sites simultaneously. People can make their choice easily and quickly.
  3. Another facet that social media have encouraged is the making purchases online, without going out to the shops and the malls. Online purchase offers a lot of variety with different colours and sizes to choose from. Once the purchase is finalised, the payment is done through the credit or the debit card thus making the entire process of shopping very convenient.
  4. The smartest aspect of intervention of the social media in business has resulted in a loyal and regular, customer relationship. All the personal details of the customer are fed in the computer and whatever latest the company has to offer, immediately reaches the customer via a mail or a sms. Along with this, the customer gets certain reward points on a particular purchase. These reward points can be accumulated and can be redeemed at a later date.
  5. With all the stored data, it becomes easy to assess requirements of the customers from time to time and thus providing the same in terms of products and new offers.

With the quick and steady development of social media all over the world, business is getting a chance to expand its wings tremendously. It has become easy to check out the latest offerings in the market, with just a click of a button! The main concern here is to be able to maintain the quality of the product, thus carrying on the legacy of a good business house. It is also important to sustain the customer in the highly competitive business world. So for the satisfactory growth, it is important to use the social media regularly and effectively!!

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Time Block Effectively

Time blocking is a great strategy to increase your work productivity. However, if you find yourself unable to do it effectively, it’s probably because certain people or things are sabotaging your efforts.

Below are 5 common reasons why you fail at your time blocking endeavors and how you can remedy them.

Reason #1 Your Colleagues Come And Ask You Questions

Your attention will be immediately stolen when you allow people to walk by to disturb you non-stop.

So you should show them that you are serious about working hard in those focused periods. Not only should you educate them in advance, but you must set real solid boundaries to protect your attention bubble.

Set up a “Do not disturb, my next available time will be [xyz time.” sign so you inhibit others from talking to you unless emergency. Also, you should put on headphones even without music. This is a physical thing you can communicating to others to dissuade them from interrupting you.

Reason #2 You Are Distracted By The Instant Messaging

Whether it’s WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, OkCupid, OpenRice, Yelp or Uber, they all have automatic notifications to make sure you use their apps frequently.

It’s helpful at times, but you must commit to turning off these instant messaging during your time block sessions. Status updates or upgrade reminders are great, but not when you need an extra boost in your productivity to get things done.

Reason #3 You Are Interrupted By Phone Calls

Unless you work as a customer service in a calling center or a donation telephone representative, there’s really no point to always turn on your phone and allow time stealers to enter your life.

Be willing to turn your phone into airplane mode for that 60-90 minutes when you work, there’s low to zero chance of others not being able to solve problems without your presence or advice, maybe unless you are the president of the country.

Reason #4 Environmental Noise Annoys You

Whether it’s mindless chit chats between your colleagues or some mechanical noise in the construction site nearby, they will probably screw up your time block sessions.

So the best solution is always to change your work location if you are not in the power to tame those noises down. Things you resist persist. So accept the situation and remove yourself from it.

Reason #5 Ding! You Got A New Email!

And most likely, you will then open the emails just to have a glimpse.

You get hooked by the subject line and you start reading. You read and you find it interesting. You now desire to finish the entire chuck of paragraphs and send a reply to finish it. Maybe you get another email and now you just can’t get yourself out of such downward spiral.


Shut that email client off during your time blocking session! Set an auto responder message telling people about your next availability of reading their emails and maybe they can expect a response in the next 24-48 hours.

Stop reading emails and killing your productivity!