Tips to Avoid Mistakes on Social Networking Sites

Social media can benefit us personally as well as professional by following the right approach. However, in case of inappropriate usage, the social media can adversely affect one’s name, company name, etc. and bring disgrace in the eyes of society and community.

Tips to avoid the following 5 mistakes on social media sites:

1. Appearance of private message in public:

While posting a message or an update, it is essential to check the privacy settings. In case of making a quick update, people tend to make the mistake of not changing the settings to the private audience. As a result, the message becomes public and also goes to the wrong audience. Hence, people should take utmost care while replying private message to the concerned person. It is advisable to use “@” sign in order to refer to the concerned person.

2. Critics always exist:

The more a person becomes popular, the more number of haters start emerging as well. There are people who unnecessary reply and bully on your tags, updates, posts, etc… It is advisable to block, delete or stop responding to such people on social media sites. Such people try their best to spoil the image personally as well as professionally.

3. Keep personal as well as professional profiles separate:

People often make a mistake by promoting their business via personal account. This gives an inappropriate message to the receiver. A separate professional profile would give a proper message and image of the person as well as company to the target base. People tend to get confused with the social networking sites. For example: People use LinkedIn; the professional network for making friends or friendly updates while Facebook which is a social network of friends is often confused by making job related posts. This evokes a funny situation amongst the readers. Hence it is essential to use these mediums clearly and intelligently.

4. Create two sided communication:

An update will only make sense if and only if the targeted people respond back. An update should evoke to respond back. This opens doors to further communication and feedback.

5. Regular posting:

There are companies that post updates once in a blue moon and disappear for years. The page appears to be a ghost town in such a case. In order to keep the people engaged in your page, it is very essential to regularly make relevant updates or posts.

Thus, people should avoid these mistakes while using social media sites.

The State of VoLTE in India

VoLTE might sound like technical gibberish to most people but this acronym may very well be the future of mobile voice communication. VoLTE will allow phone operators to streamline their data and voice infrastructure, making it more efficient. But what exactly is it?

Consumers may not realize it but 4G was designed solely to carry data which means that even users who are on 4G networks still rely on 2G/3G to make phone calls. Voice over LTE or VoLTE is a technology that allows voice to be carried over 4G networks.

Why VoLTE Now?

But more than technology is at work here. There are other reasons why operators want VoLTE and that is the proliferation of VoIP calling through apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. These apps have already reduced SMS revenues for operators and with the increasing coverage of 4G networks, they may become a formidable threat to voice revenues in the future. VoLTE will allow operators to offer HD quality voice calls that can prevent users from switching over to other applications.

VoLTE Status in India

However even as this technology promises to help beleaguered mobile operators across the world, its wide rollout is still very far in the future especially in India where 4G networks are only now taking off. For VoLTE to become viable, a number of factors have to come together. Consumers need access to VoLTE-enabled smartphones and operators need wide 4G networks across the country to ensure that there are no dropped calls when users are on the move.

Currently only a very few operators like Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance offer 4G networks in the first place. Additionally, VoLTE requires spectrum in the 2,300MHz band which only Airtel, Aircel and newcomer Reliance Jio have at present. Even though Bharti Airtel offers 4G network access throughout most of India, it can offer VoLTE in only nine circles out of the total 22 in the country. On the other hand Reliance Jio has a pan India license for VoLTE but has to build out its other infrastructure since it has only getting started.

The presence and availability of VoLTE capable networks is just one part of the equation. Not many users in India have VoLTE-enabled phones to utilize the service. VoLTE smartphones can be quite expensive for a price-sensitive market like India, although a number of manufacturers have announced plans to bring lower-cost devices with the required VoLTE circuitry. It remains to be seen if carriers can seamlessly deploy VoLTE and retain customers or they will continue to lose the battle with OTT VoIP/messenger apps.

Great Communication And Social Networking Applications For The iPhone 4S

Previously we took a look at applications that should be an essential purchase for anybody who owns an iPhone 4S. With such a huge choice of applications available it can often be confusing for consumers to know which software benefits them. Here we continue our look at some of the applications that every iPhone owner should download.

The iPhone 4S incorporates the excellent iMessage feature which is an easy method of communicating with other iPhone users free of charge. The problem with this system is that it does not enable you to message friends who may use a phone that runs on another platform such as Blackberry or Android. Whatsapp is an instant messaging services that overcomes this problem by enabling chat across different networks and operating systems. Not only can users send text messages for free but there is also the facility to attach photograph and video files. If you prefer to make a voice call rather than relying on text messages then the Viber application is perfect for you. This app takes advantage of an internet connection rather than a cellular data network to enable you make calls to other Viber users for free. You do not need to have the application running to receive a call as the iPhone will inform you of an incoming call with a notification on the home screen. Just like Whatsapp this service is not only restricted to iPhone users so you can also chat to friends who are using an Android device.

One of the updates that was introduced with the iPhone 4S was the integration of a Twitter client into the operating system. This enables you to directly post photographs and locations to the site but many users like the functionality that a dedicated Twitter application can offer. There are several of these apps available but the best that we have found is Tweetbot. Visually we found this software the best and it is also one of the easiest to use. When you are reading Tweets posted by other people tapping on the message will present you with options such as Reply and Retweet. If you hold your finger on the message then information about the person who posted it will be displayed. Despite this application costing £1.99 you can consider it great value if you are one of the millions of people who use Twitter regularly. If you prefer to use Facebook then the official application for this is available for free. This application offers nearly all of the functionality that you expect to find on the full site. Browse through status updates and photographs and post your own material quickly and easily to share with your Facebook friends.

There are thousands of great applications available for the iPhone 4S and we have highlighted some of our favourite ones here. Whatsapp and Viber provide a cheap method of communicating with friends while Tweetbot and Facebook are essential for social networking fans.